Coffee plantation in Uganda

This project started in 2018, when, based on an earlier initiative, we decided to help the people of Uganda other than with mere financial support. The idea was to start something in the local mountain village of Kiyebe that they could support themselves and even that would generate profits for them. The aim was to create job opportunities not only for the young but also for the aging generation and to improve their income and (non) living standards thanks to the coffee plantation.

And as one of Uganda’s main export commodities is coffee, the coffee plantation project has begun to make more and more sense.

A community company in Kiyebe was founded through a friend, John Vianney Sunday. It is something like a company that aims to support the development of the community from its financial results. We started to co-finance preparatory work on the plantation and education in coffee growing from our savings. In September 2019, we planted 2,700 coffee bushes and hundreds of shading trees. Today we can proudly call it a coffee plantation, which is well taken care of daily by our friends from Kyiebe. Our vision is for the plantation and its further development (routine work, first harvest, green coffee processing, transport to Europe, etc.) to be financed from the sale of our coffee products.