Together, we provide help where it’s needed


Our vision

Thanks to the initial “Helping people through coffee” initiative, we realised that we can interconnect multiple different activities and combine them into a single project. This is why we now support enterprising people on one hand and help improve the living conditions of others on the other hand. Our vision is to create self-sufficient projects by providing sustainable help that makes sense.

What do we do?

We support entrepreneurs and we move their ideas further. We also guarantee their products so that you can buy truly high-quality products without any concerns. You choose our products knowing that the profits also support one of our projects, which also has a social impact.



Lucka & Martin

We have shared the same values for over fifteen years, with two scamps in the family and a common vision that fulfils us. That is who we are. Lucka is always positive and completely devoted to a project (she actually forgets to think of herself sometimes). Martin is very good at providing help that is sustainable and ensuring that everything falls on fertile ground.

What do we do?

Everything works as it should in the company thanks to Lucka. She manages the company’s entire backoffice and she also makes sure that your purchases arrive in order and in the best quality. Martin comes up with ideas and transforms them into real projects. He has worked in the field of logistics and transport for over twenty years and is also a Port of Antwerp Ambassador. He enjoys sharing experience and is there to offer a helping hand to all new entrepreneurs.

Our products

We offer high-quality products in our e-shop. By purchasing them, you help us support the people who make them and also help others. You can currently find freshly roasted exclusive coffee from Brazil, Bopcorn or gift sets in our e-shop. Visit our e-shop.

Our projects

Our first project is to provide support for a coffee plantation in Uganda. This project is ongoing thanks to your support and it gives us hope and motivates us to create more projects, which we can support with your help.

Coffee plantation in Uganda

Our blog

We are writing a blog about everything that is currently motivating us to keep going. You can expect to see the first article soon.